Wilmington NC Wedding

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Tiffany and Tanner have a true passion for the Wilmington area. When they told us they had decided their wedding would be in Wilmington, NC we weren’t surprised! We met up over a flight of beers at Aviator here in Fuquay Varina and started talking about everything their wedding would be, for us and for them. It was a match made in Heaven! We were so excited to work with them and watch their vision for a beautiful riverfront wedding come to life.

When they told us their venue we knew it was going to be an incredible day. The River Room was the perfect space to host their families and take in the beauty of the coast.

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The ceremony was hosted on the deck of the River Room. It was cozy but comfortable and the weather was phenomenal! We thought we might be up against a springtime shower, but for us…no rain in sight! The sky was overcast, but provided the perfect light for a gorgeous event. There was a soft breeze coming off the river and the warmth of the day made it so comfortable. After the sweet ceremony, where Tiffany and Tanner pledged their lives to one another, we were able to sneak away with the couple and venture through downtown. Wilmington is such a fun and eclectic place, there were so many perfect nooks to sneak in beautiful couples portraits.

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Featured Moment

Like many daughters and dads, Tiffany shares a special bond with her father. She knew that she wanted to set aside some special time for him to see her in her dress before he walked her down the aisle. It was one of our favorite moments of the day and we are so glad she made the choice to prioritize him. We were able to capture this brief exchange and we think the photos speak for themselves. Such a sweet, tender moment and the perfect way to set the tone for the day’s festivities.