Roanoke Virginia Wedding


This wedding, perfectly tucked away on the Blue Ridge Parkway, was as timeless as Brooke and Dustin. These two have a love story like none other. If you know them, you know how special their union and this day was. They were married in front of a small country chapel, nestled among the forest at The Explore Park, just outside of Roanoke, Virginia. The air had a sweet, stickiness…the fireflies were out and the breeze smelled like honeysuckle. A string quartet played and a Scottish blessing sealed their fate.


Brooke and Dustin both have illustrious social lives. They are known for attending music festivals, camping, spending days on the river, restoring old boats, and being the life of the party. They bring a joy wherever they go and their wedding was the perfect reflection of that. They danced the night away with all of their friends and family, jamming to some of the best live bluegrass around. Wine was flowing, the vibe was just right. It was a night that will be remembered for generations, and we have the photos to prove it.