Big Walker Lookout Wytheville, Virginia

No person can dispute the beauty of the Virginia mountains.

We were visiting the In-Laws in Wytheville, VA.  After a long drive I am infamous for saying "I wanna go somewhere fun".  To the point that I annoy people around me...mostly my wife.  I don't google or even attempt to look up a place.  I just expect them to have a magical solution for my angst.  After a whole day of driving everyone crazy, the answer came from an unlikely place.  My mother in-law, Jan, came home from work and said "you wanna go somewhere to take pictures?".  A resounding "YES" escaped from my mouth.

So the answer to doing something fun was going to Big Walker Lookout.  Also, according to Jan, it is just up the mountain in town.  This is music to my ears!  Its an awesome place and its just up the road.  Well at least that's what I was told.  After about fifteen minutes in the car the roads get something fierce.  Mountain roads are nothing to mess with.  This is especially true in a little hybrid car.  After another ten minutes of these winding roads, I am beginning to wonder where "up the road" is.  I forgot to take into account, this is the Virginia mountains.  This is where "up the road" is anything under an hour, basically.  Finally we arrive at the country store/lookout.  

The store was awesome, in a rustic and rundown kind of way.  On the other hand the lookout tower left much to be desired.  Maybe I am being too picky but I do not prefer rust or decaying wood on towers I'm about to climb.  The tower is 100ft tall "where only the birds see higher", their quote, not mine.  

After a little second guessing, I purchased my ticket and headed up the tower.  The overcast sky and wind did little to calm the anxiety.  I could feel the tower sway each time I rounded a flight of stairs.  The entire structure started to close in around me as I approached the top.  The wind was  stronger, adding to moment.  As I reached the top, all the anxiety faded.  I was awe struck.  It was beautiful.  At over 3500 feet, it is truly a spectacular view.  The perfect time of year to appreciate the beauty of nature. 

Michael AshmanComment